General information

Open Chess is a client program for Bereg Chess Club server for your iPad. It allows you to play chess with other people on server online. You can also play with computer player if you do not want a human opponent.

Our server maintains a computer opponent with nickname «cyber-kid». You can invite him for a game if nobody is currently playing with him.


It is possible to start playing immediately without registration as a guest player. As a guest user you'll be assigned a generic guestXXXX nickname automatically every time you start the program or reconnect to chess server.

If you wish to keep your chess rating between play sessions and let other players remember you, you can register for free: go to preferences tab and select «Go register» (see below). To become a club member, please consult our website at

A quick start

Select any cell (single or double tap on it) in the players list (for full description of players tab see below) to start playing or watch an ongoing game. Some players have a «don't disturb» status (see below), which is shown in a list as a blue or red cup, so don't bother inviting them.

Detailed application description

Application has four control tabs:

1. Game tab

This tab will only appear in the application tab bar once a game watch request is receiverd or if a player, invited for a game have agreed. Game tab contains four additional control buttons near the bottom the the screen. They are:
• Ready* — tap this button when you are ready to play
• Draw* — this button will appear if an opponent will ask you for a draw. Tap it if you wish to agree, otherwise do nothing.
• Scroll — shows a game navigation panel
• Actions — a menu with game actions
• Chat — an ingame chat window will appear
• Notation — game notation
Buttons, marked with * sign appear only in a game, which is played by you.

2. Players tab

This tab contains a sorted list of online players and a list challenges. You can switch between those two by tapping appropriate buttons in the segmented control, located in the navigation bar on the top.

2.1 Players

A list of online players is sorted in specific way — first club members are shown, followed by registered users and unregistered guests in alphabetic order. It is possible to change a sorting criterion of the list by tapping on desired table header. A player's nickname, rating and status are shown in every line of a list.

You can invite a specified player for a game or watch a already running game by tapping on a desired player's line in a list. To avoid a confirmation you can double tap instead of a single one. When inviting players, pay attention to their status (see status icons description below). For example you cannot invite players with «don't disturb» status; and players with «guests don't disturb» unless you are a club member.

No icon in player status means he is free to play and can accept game invitations. Status icons detailed description: Player is using a mobile device

beregchess.comPlayer is using a computer program's help while playing Player is a club member (see to find out how to become club member, may be not available in some countries) Player is a GM. If you see such image associated with player nickname, you can be sure this player has *real* GM, as it has been conformed documentary. Player is IM. If you have a official FIDE title, you can become a club member free of charge. See for additional info. Player is busy playing Player is busy playing with another club member Player has status «don't disturb», which means he cannot be invited for a game. Player has status «guests don't disturb», which means he cannot be invited for a game by anyone but club members.

In order to change your status tap a «controls» button in navigation bar. In a appeared menu you can select «don't disturb» status if you dont want any incoming game invitation to be received.If you are a club member you can also turn on a self explanary «guests dont disturb» status.

3. Club chat tab

This tab contains a bereg club members only chat window. Server announcements as well as program status reports will also be logged in chat window (shown with bold font).Registered and unregistered guests are not allowed to write to club chat.

4. Prefereces tab

This tab contains a list of application parameters. Here follows their description:

4.1 Registration data section

You can select between a guest user of registered user. After selecting appropriate button and entering login and password for registered user, tap login button to log into chess server. If authentication process was successfull, program will remember last login parameters and use them next time you start it. If you wish to be trasferred to registration page, tap 'go register' cell. Note however, that application will close and Safari window will open.

4.2 Game options section

An 'autochange pawn to queen' allows you to quickly swap your pawn on 8th rank to queen. If this flag is turned off, a selection menu will appear when required conditions are met to allow you to select knight, bishop or a queen. Total game time and addition game time fields allows you to specify new game parameters. And a flag 'use this parameters for new games' allows you not to specify game parameters for every new game you initiate.

4.3 Chat options

You can turn on and off a club chat with a «club chat» switch. Also you can specify a chat channel you would like to connect to. There are several chat channels, specific to some different languages as well as a 'general' chat channel. You can send messages in any language to «general» chat channel without restrictions.

Bereg Chess server rules

1. You must read, understand and obey all following rules in order to use Bereg Chess server services.

2. Bereg Chess server services, given to a user may depend on his country of residence, his club status, type of device, used to access chess server, and version of this device OS.

3. You must respect your game opponent. For example, this means you have to finish all started games if it is technical possible.

4. You must respect other players while using chat and forum, this means you have to behave like it is accepted in public places. It is forbidden to offend other people in any way. General chat and forum subjects of discussion are chess and chess in internet. A limited discussion of other subjects, except forbidden, is allowed. It is forbidden to discuss any subjects, which may break your residence country laws, propogate violence, discrimination by any sign, use of obscene lexicon (including unambiguous reductions) and insults. It is also forbidden flood, publication of chat messages on forum, discussion of subjects of sexual character, publishing of advertisings, politics or politicians discussions.

5. It is forbidden to use computer program's help without prior notification while playing if it was not stated so during registration procedure. Chess server administration checks played games for using of computer programs. Methods, used for this kind of analysis are not disclosed. If server administration finds out that player was using computer program's help even once, his account is assigned a permanent special mark, which cannot be removed later. This mark can significally reduce server services for a user.

6. The order on a server is watched by managers and moderators appointed server administration. They estimate an acceptability of messages in a chat and at a forum exclusively on the internal belief and have the right not to enter polemic concerning measures of present rules accepted to infringers.

7. The basic measures applied by administration of server to infringers of the present rules are the following:
• a warning message, sent by e-mail to an address, specified during registration
• a temporary restriction to invite other players for a game (a possibility to accept incoming invitations still remains)
• a temporary (on 1 week or longer) or permanent block of access to chat and forum, or in some cases removal of club status and/or account on chess server.

8. You understand, that chat and forum messages are post-moderated, so server administration is checking these messages for conformance with this rules after their publication. Thus some messages could be offensive to you or other players and you agree to bear all connected risks independently. Otherwise you must turn off club and game chat.