Welcome to Bereg Chess Club website!

Bereg Chess is an advanced chess game implementation for iPhone. It allows you to play online with other people from across the globe. You can start playing online immideately, even without registration. It is also possible to play with computer opponent for training purporses for instance.

You will be able to play on a chess server with about 350.000 registered users. Thus you will always be able to find a worthy opponent for yourself. If you are a professional chess player you can even try to play with FIDE and grand masters, we have about 200 of them registered on our club server. Or if you are just a beginner player, you can watch chess masters play in order to gain experience.

So no matter what chess skills you've got, you can always have a good company and good play in our chess club. We always welcome new players.

Program features:

- Create your own game or watch games, played by other players.
- Extremely low network traffic usage.
- Auto reconnect to server and auto recover of running games. So you will not lose game even if you are on a very bad network link.
- Fast game interface with some nice animations.
- Supports in-game and club chat systems.
- Supports several chat channels.
- Possibility to analyse played games with game navigation system.
- Built-in program help will let you easely get used to game interface.
- Possibility to save game parameters and use them when inviting other players for a play.
- Possibility to view other players information such as rating, ping time.

Important note:

You will need an internet connection (via WiFi or 3G/Edge) in order to play online.